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R. Mendoza & Company, P.C. offers its clients a full range of accounting, audit, tax, and management consulting services. The firm clientele is quite diversified, ranging from entrepreneurs and closely held companies to governmental and not-for-profit organizations. The firm strives to achieve a prestigious position in the business and professional community through the quality of services it renders.

The accounting profession faced enormous challenges in the 1990’s.  Accounting and information systems underwent major changes that substantially affected the way our clients managed their financial affairs.  These factors result in a continuing challenge to be efficient and cost effective.  The decisions one makes about these matters will have a significant impact on business operations in the future.  R. Mendoza & Company, P.C., is the best firm suited to work with you during these critical times.

The firm believes in the complete service concept.  Privately held businesses are becoming more and more sophisticated, requiring a wide-range of services related to financial growth and management.  Our firm is well staffed to offer a full range of services in creative wealth management, business expansion and tax strategies, as well as the usual auditing and accounting services expected of accountants.

At R. Mendoza & Company, P.C.  your primary contact will be with professionals who realize that your business is important to us.  This means that your company personnel will be involved with a professional who has skills in problem solving, business analysis, and planning.

Personalized service is our commitment to you.  We realize that you want quick responses to your questions, and that sometimes you need to be able to discuss some of your major concerns with an objective advisor.  R. Mendoza & Company, P.C.  wants to put its experience to work for you.



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